Starting from today to March 13, 2022, Macau Youth Art Association is presenting “Art in Home 2022” at Lisboa Gallery of Macau Fisherman’s Wharf. Opening is held on February 22, 6:30pm. Under the blessing of our officiating guests, Tian Xiaping, Deputy Director of the Publicity and Culture Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macau SAR, Wu Zhiliang, President of Macao Foundation, Cheong Lai San, Vice President of Cultural Affairs Bureau, José Chui Sai-peng, President of Macau Yu Un Chinese Printing and Caligraphy Association, Cai Cai Lian, Executive Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Macau Daily, Lau Chi Kin, Senior Vice President of Operations of Macau Legend Development Ltd, Lai Ieng, President of Macau Art Master Association, Lok Hei, President of Macau Artists Society and Wong Ka Long, President of Macau Youth Art Association to accompany.


“Bringing art home” is the main purpose of the annual exhibition of Macau Youth Art Association. During the exhibition last year, more than half of our art pieces were sold and collected by Macau locals, which greatly inspired and encouraged our young artists.


By exhibiting artwork in anonymous, which buyers are no longer considering the artists’ name but to appreciate the works purely though intuitive. This year, we gathered 36 young artists, showcasing 178 pieces in 2 zones. The first one is still anonymous in fixed price and the second one is displayed their signed pieces in wider creativity and techniques. The medium include watercolour, oil painting, acrylic, digital painting, Chinese painting, porcelain painting and mineral colour, etc. Welcome to visit us at Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, hope you have a happy purchase!