Artistic Lantern Festival at Grand Lisboa Palace

Supported by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and Macao Government Tourism Office, the launching ceremony was held at Jardim Secreto of Grand Lisboa Palace on September 28, 2022.


SJM Resorts is co-organised with the Macau Artist Society in coordination with the Macau Youth Art Association to present “Celebration of Art & Culture - Artistic Lantern Festival”. The event showcases an illustrious display of lanterns designed by the city's established young artists, leading by our Supervisor - Pat Lam, the creative crew includes: Sit Ka Kit, Thomas Lo Si In (MCZ), Mel Cheong, Anny Chung, Nicole Ng, Elvis Mok, Zha Rui and Wansi Ieong. On the basis of unlimited creativity, it took more than four months from preparation to completion. They worked closely with six specially invited senior artists: Ng Wai Kin, Lio Man Cheong, Lai Ieng, Lok Hei, Sio In Leong and Lau Chon Hong, to bring these co-create large scale original lantern art installations with unique shapes. Spanning multiple generations and disciplines, this ingenious collaboration embraces the creativity of Macau's contemporary artists and the heritage and charm of traditional Chinese art and culture. Following enthusiastic response from guests, the lantern artworks from the “Celebration of Art & Culture – Artistic Lantern Festival”   is relocated to The Bazar at Grand Lisboa Palace in November for extended display, inviting guests to explore the Resort through the creative designs created by local artists.




Lantern art is an important part of Chinese cultural festivals, and the forms can reflect regional characteristics by its colour, shape and material. The traditional Chinese lanterns are also a symbol of happiness and reunion. We inherit culture through artistic creation and bring new experiences of local art and cultural travel to citizens and tourists.

Our artists and production crew:








More concepts and art installations:

Photo credit: Grand Lisboa Palace website and Chan Hin Io