About Us

The predecessor of Macau Youth Art Association was the Youth Committee under Macau Artist Society, adhering to the founding president Mr. Lok Chang, who loves the country, loves Macau and advocates aesthetic education. A new force of artistic talents forms this local art society since 1956. Years after, due to the continuous increase of the professional young artists join the group, Macau Youth Art Association, as a non-profitable art organization was officially established in 2019. Our objective is to unite and promote the young generation of artists to adhere to the original power of Macao, to extend the depth and breadth of academic research and to combine the art market development. We aim to create local art industry and introduce the diverse art thoughts in Macau.


We pursue to strive for developing opportunities for the young generation and art-related talents. To expand their market and to establish art-related industries.

Leading Member Structure 2023-2026

General Assembly

President: Lai Sio Kit

Vice President: Kitman Leong, Sylviye Lei Ieng Wai, Dor Lio, Zha Rui



Director: Leong Sin Teng

Vice Director:  Pat Lam, Sit Ka Kit, Hera Ieong, Fong Wai Peng, Tam Chon Kit, Lai Sut Weng

Secretary-General: Julia Lam Tsz Kwan

Vice Secretary-General:  Shirley Lou

Board of Supervisors:

Chief Supervisor: Wong Ka Long 

Vice-Supervisor: Eric Fok, Vivi Song

Supervisor:  Chiang Wai Lan, Cheong Ho, Ng Lai Seong, Lei Mei I


Members of the Council:

Cai Guo Jie, Yanlas Sou, Cindy Lio, Sissi Ho, Heidi Ng, Wing Pun, 

Kuok Huan Ling, Hana Tou, Polly Tang, Ieong Weng Ian, Ines Chan,

Leong Ka Kit, Hu Jiawen, Chan Wai San, Leong Keng Ip, Angel Chan