Original Mural Art of Ka Ho Nursing Centre Under FAOM

At the beginning of 2019, Macau Youth Art Association (former Youth Committee of Macau Artists Society) accepted the commission of Macao Federation of Trade Unions Ka Ho Nursing Centre to provide the beautification lobby and corridor. Our young artists lead by Leong Kit Man and Im Hok Lon, together with Lam Chi Fok, Tou Chi Kwan, Chau Wing Yi, Elvis Mok and Wing Pun to complete this original mural painting. In a total of 45 days, starting from February 14, 36.86m length and 1.64m height (in a total 64 square-meters) mural art is accomplished by March 31, 2019.


In order to match the nursing house characteristics, the team consider providing a leisure and pleasure visual, to interact with the elders. They specially designed and come up with three schemes. “Spring in Leisure Court” long scroll by Leong Kit Man is selected.  The overall vision of the murals is based on the living environment of the elders, the main elements are flowers and birds, which finished by Chinese fine brushwork to bring them alive, forming a relaxing garden. Combined with the changes of the wall to transform space, they used colors as the rhythm to show the warmth and vitality of early spring. Blooming flowers in the garden brings happiness to elders and their relatives, and spreading a positive atmosphere. 


The challenge in creating this mural painting is using environmental friendly paint instead of tradition Chinese ink and mineral colors. Our team members owned solid Chinese painting techniques and experienced. They are:  Im Hok Lon, graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, is good at expressing ink, featuring cats and dogs. Leong Kit Man, also graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, is good at fine brushwork with mineral colors. Lam Chi Fu from the Department of Chinese Painting at Sichun Academy of Fine Arts is good at creating find brushwork flowers. Chau Wing Yi from National Taipei University of Education is good at creating boneless printings. Wing Pun from Macau Polytechnic Institute is good at oil painting. Local young artist Tou Chi Kwan is good at creation of mixed materials, and the local writer and calligrapher Elvis Mok is proficient in calligraphy creation. By the dedication cooperation of such professional team, this original large-scale mural in the style of traditional Chinese painting was presented in Macau for the first time.