Gemini &Colina  da  Guia-1
Using automobile mechanic structure to picture the artist’s skull x ray and mountain landscapes
I made skeletons with well-aligned white bone shoes as a representation of the medical symptoms from wearing high heels and as a metaphor for social frameworks. The works refer to the state of a genetic desire being extracted from a human body or cut open for anatomy, the state of self-observation. They also serve as a gentle indictment against frameworks and paradigms.
Smell No Evil, See No Evil, Say No Evil
You can choose not to watch, not to participate in, or to criticize others casually about things that are unfavorable to you or you don't like; it is enough to have a firm will and be yourself.
Alchemist Project -Silver $5 Coin
Macau in 2020? In 2018, the IMF estimated that Macau’s per capita GDP will jump to the world’s first place in 2020
A World With No One Around
The picture contains a drawing of the Statue of Liberty inspired by an old photo and an obscured image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The work may keep viewers so absorbed that they feel like being in a world with no one around. The indistinct and iconic images disclose the relation between traditional belief and reality.