Doppelganger-Mirror Image-3
Doppelganger There are no exact copies in this world, no perfect clones. Even industrially mass-produced items are just copies which tend to be very close to the original. After all, any two copies are just independent individuals that are extremely similar, never identical. Regarding the topic of copying, I thought deeply about the relationship between the "first body" and the "second body" (its Doppelganger), and explored the spiritual and creative possibilities of copying through creation.
Little Hand Holding Big Hand
Rural life is simple and rustic, with bricks and tiles in shades, mud on the body by every step and jump. This creation is about childhood memories, when the little one’s hand is holding by his grandmother, walking to the bright side under the sky.
Gemini &Colina  da  Guia-1
Using automobile mechanic structure to picture the artist’s skull x ray and mountain landscapes